My 2018 Fall Capsule Wardrobe


My 2018 Fall Capsule Wardrobe | Little Miss Fearless

My Fall Capsule Wardrobe Themes

Well, it’s no secret that cardigans and stripes are the leading trend in my Fall Capsule Wardrobe.

In fact, I’m constantly re-evaluating my various striped shirts.

For now, they’re different enough that I justify keeping them because I can style them in various ways.

Most of my fall sweaters and tops are carry-overs from my 2017 Fall Capsule Wardrobe (when I first signed up for the capsule wardrobe lifestyle), but I have purchased a few new items that aren’t pictured above.

They include:

  1. striped cardigan (sold out everywhere; some sizes are back in stock!)
  2. denim peplum top
  3. olive green skinny jeans (green joggers substituted above)
  4. black ruched sleeve top (easy to dress up or down)

My 2018 Fall Capsule Wardrobe | Little Miss Fearless

Why My Fall Capsule Wardrobe is My Favorite

I’ve been living the capsule wardrobe life for a year now.

Of all the seasons, my Fall Capsule is my favorite, followed by my Winter Capsule.

I had a much easier time narrowing down what to keep in my Fall Wardrobe than I did with Spring and Summer Wardrobes.

And all the layering options and variations of tops (e.g., short-sleeve, long-sleeve, turtleneck, stripes, polka dots, etc.) make mixing and matching way more fun because there are so many styles and textures to play with.

My 2018 Fall Capsule Wardrobe | Little Miss Fearless

cardigan (back in stock in some sizes!) | top | jeans | flats | sunglasses | bag

Transitioning from a Fall Capsule Wardrobe to Winter

While it’s still a bit early to start transitioning to my Winter Capsule Wardrobe, the temperatures are dropping in Utah.

That usually means two things:

  1. Wearing more coats and scarfs (which I keep in a separate “Outerwear Capsule”); or
  2. Borrowing chunky sweaters from my Winter Capsule Wardrobe as needed.

One of the best things I learned when researching (read my Capsule Wardrobe FAQ’s) is the idea that you can still borrow from your other capsule seasons when you get bored of the items in your current season.

That hasn’t happened too much for me, but I do tend to extend certain items a bit longer (such as this Eloise Ruffled Blouse from my Summer Capsule Wardrobe—similar style here).

My Fall Capsule Wardrobe always feels the most true to my personal style, so that inspires me to keep fine-tuning my other capsule seasons with the right pieces that I truly LOVE to wear.

How is your capsule wardrobe coming along? Have you fully transitioned, or are you easing into a simplified closet?




  1. Wendy says:

    I’m definitely easing into a capsule wardrobe as we’ve recently moved it’s easier for me to get rid of stuff I don’t wear, but now I need to be intentional about what I add to it

    Posted November 1, 2018 | Reply
  2. Maureen says:

    I don’t have a capsule wardrobe but my closet is pretty small! So I am always looking for ways to re-wear items that I already have. It’s also hard for me to find pieces I absolutely have to have so like you, I love stripes. It’s the pattern that occupies my wardrobe the most aside from neutrals! I figured neutrals are a lot easier to work with than any prints! I love the outfit you featured in this post. It’s a cute look and in love with that denim top. I hope your weekend is going well so far and happy Sunday!

    Maureen |

    Posted November 4, 2018 | Reply
  3. Kailyn says:

    Fall is definitely my favorite season too! I love your fall capsule. It’s very inspiring ☺️

    Posted November 12, 2018 | Reply