My 2018 Summer Capsule Wardrobe


My 2018 Summer Capsule Wardrobe | Little Miss Fearless

My Summer Capsule Wardrobe Themes

Hello t-shirts! Need I say more?

My Summer Capsule Wardrobe was kinda like potpourri. Since layering isn’t really an option in these 90+ degree Utah temps, I didn’t hesitate to lean heavy on tops and tees in multiple colors. Still, each piece somehow proved to be quite versatile. More on that below.

This summer was also unique because I had a 6-week sabbatical from work. I found myself grabbing for a t-shirt every. single. day. That’s something I wouldn’t have done had I been getting dressed for work. That said, about half of the tops above are still dressy enough for work, so my selection of tops pretty accurately reflects my lifestyle.

In a nutshell, these themes emerged:

  1. Stripes continue to be the essential pattern of choice for my capsule collection.
  2. Olive green always finds its way out of my closet in mid-late summer.
  3. I’m drawn to neutral sandals with some repeat styles in contrasting colors (like these + these).

My 2018 Summer Capsule Wardrobe | Little Miss Fearless

A Few Thoughts on Versatility

I basically mixed my bermuda shorts with a matching t-shirt all summer so that made mixing and matching easy peasy!

When I did wear pants, my green linen joggers (similar here) were first in the rotation. They transition nicely into fall, too — see here.

I also learned this summer that olive green is an incredibly versatile color. I wore my olive joggers with nearly every top above.

I rarely wear red, except for in small doses in July and December. I found that a top with subtle red details (like my embroidered top in the bottom left corner above) paired with olive green and tan sandals is a dreamy combo for warm summer days!

I didn’t play with pattern mixing as much as I could have (maybe because everything is striped?), but loved mixing and matching different colors.

My 2018 Summer Capsule Wardrobe | Little Miss Fearless

My Summer Capsule Shoe Game

Remember, last fall was my first attempt at the capsule wardrobe so this summer felt like the culminating event for making final decisions on what stays in my closet and what has to go. It was somewhat terrifying but mostly liberating.

I parted with loads of clothes—but saved the best pieces for you (be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be among the first to shop my new eBay listings!).

But know what was surprisingly easy to part with?


I didn’t realize how many heels I had that I never wore, and frankly, probably purchased just to style them on my blog, which ironically never happened.

But hey, sometimes you don’t know your style until you know what your style is not.

Overall, I love the variety of colors and textures in my summer shoe collection, but they’re still a work in progress. (Also, not pictured: white Birks and flip flops).

My 2018 Summer Capsule Wardrobe | Little Miss Fearless

tee | jeans (from my spring capsule wardrobe) | shoes | scarf | watch

Transitioning from a Summer Capsule Wardrobe to Fall

My summer felt like it ended when I went back at work. I’m no longer wearing shorts and tees everyday and have been bringing a jacket or cardigan to the office because it gets a little chilly in our big air-conditioned building or when traveling to San Francisco.

Transitioning from a summer capsule to fall is practically effortless — all you need is a sweater. Also, jumpsuits have become my best friend since I stopped wearing shorts so I’m hoping to work a couple of those (namely this Albion Fit beauty) into my fall capsule this year.

And speaking of my fall capsule, stay tuned for an upcoming post with everything in my fall capsule from last year + the on-trend items I’ve added for 2018. It’ll be the first time I’ve shared what’s in my closet ahead of the season!


Have I convinced you to start a capsule wardrobe yet?

What more would you like to know? I have several (previously promised) posts in the works and I’m still so happy I made this life-changing transition. Hit me up in the comments with questions.

Thanks for reading!



  1. So cute, I love the combination of items you picked for your summer wardrobe! Stripes are so essential for any season! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted August 25, 2018 | Reply
    • Thanks, Charmaine! I couldn’t agree more. The print I never get sick of. 🙂

      Posted August 27, 2018 | Reply
  2. rachel says:

    I love love love when you write and post about capsules. It’s inspiring to me and so helpful! I love how realistic you are about it and how you talk about what’s difficult vs easy to do. I am not 100% there yet, but I’ve been moving toward a capsule idea…sometimes I struggle with feeling a need to consume more and find great deals even though I have way more in my closet than anyone could need. I think it’s just that “thrifting”…the thrill of the hunt is what I like to do for “me” time and I need to find something else to focus that indulgence on…and not dessert either! Thoughts on fighting that urge? or is that not a thing for you. I’m a chronic thrifter!

    Posted August 25, 2018 | Reply
    • Rach, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I love that feeling, too. I don’t necessarily shop less — because I still love to buy online even just for the thrill of trying things on at home (and then returning them) — but I shop with a different lens now. It’s easier for me to know whether or not I’ll actually wear something before I buy it, and that helps me decide whether or not to buy it.

      I love that you mentioned dessert! LOL. The struggle is real. I’m honestly still a work in progress, but the more time I make for things that I enjoy that don’t have a negative consequence (reading, good music, organizing, cooking real food) the more I want to keep doing those things, and then I kinda forget about the other stuff like shopping. I basically just run out of time for it if I prioritize the other things first.

      You really got me thinking about this so I’m totally adding this to my list of upcoming blog posts. Thank you!! And don’t underestimate baby steps! 😉 XOX

      Posted August 27, 2018 | Reply
  3. Kailyn says:

    I love seeing your capsule wardrobe picks!! Thank you for sharing. I also have been wearing more t shirts this summer. It’s just easier with kids! Can’t wait to see your fall picks!

    Posted August 25, 2018 | Reply
    • Totally agree! So much easier with kids. And thank you! I’m already so excited for fall! xo

      Posted August 27, 2018 | Reply
  4. Briana says:

    Loving those pieces! Great staples!


    Posted August 25, 2018 | Reply