Just A Strict Diet? Why I’m Starting The Whole30


On Monday I’m starting The Whole30. I first heard about it three or four years ago and at the time, the first thing that stood out to me was no carbs (except potatoes, vegetables and fruits). I couldn’t imagine following a diet so strict that brown rice wasn’t allowed. I didn’t give it another thought until about a month ago and here’s why my mind has changed. Completely.

I Got Sick

In early 2013 I started having unusually painful periods. I had always had severe cramping and pain, but these were on another level. It continued until I became pregnant through IVF in 2015, but I was diagnosed with endometriosis (known to cause painful periods) in late 2013, which at least gave me something to blame even though it never seemed to be the end-all-be-all.

In the summer of 2014, however, I was regularly seeing a gastroenterologist because the symptoms I was having with my periods were also related to my gut. We did numerous tests, I tried following specific diets (FODMAP was one you can google it if you want to know more) and never pinpointed a reason for my gastric distress or why symptoms were always coinciding with my period. Neither my OBGYN nor my GI doctors could explain it and they’d constantly defer to the other to find answers. I wish I had a resolution to share now, but the only reason it hasn’t been an ongoing issue in my life is because I haven’t had a period in more than two years (I owe it all to pregnancy and breastfeeding).

The problem is, I weaned in March and am begrudgingly awaiting my period’s return any day. I can’t afford to deal with the paralysis my symptoms caused me before. Every time I had my period (my cycle was usually 23 days – short) I would miss days of work, curled up in bed with a heating pad and spending half the day on the toilet. My insides felt like they were being ripped to shreds and I’d be completely dysfunctional for 24-48 hours (every 23 days!). As a mom with a full-time job and a busy schedule, I don’t know how I’d take care of Benji and get it all done while being required to stay near the bathroom all day. So, I’ve decided to take responsibility for the things I’m doing that may have contributed to my condition, starting with The Whole30.

Unexplained Infertility

A few months after I became pregnant in 2015 (also “unexplained” infertility – read more about my IVF story here), I watched the documentary Fed Up on Netflix. I couldn’t believe the things I didn’t know about the food industry and just how confused we all are about what to eat. Every day there’s a new study about what foods are good and bad. One day chocolate can cause cancer, the next day it’s the cure. It’s no wonder we don’t know what to eat or who to trust.

I began pouring myself into other documentaries and books that followed stories of people who were “sick” and how replacing what they ate with real foods reduced the number of medications they took and reduced their symptoms if not completely curing their condition. And it made so much sense to me. Why? Our western, Americanized diets are built on foods that AREN’T FOOD. They’re highly processed, genetically modified, tampered, man-made “foods” that our bodies do not know how to handle. It’s leading to obesity and “unexplained” health issues of all kinds. We turn to doctors to give us quick-fix medications, we turn to fad diets that lead us to believe our conditions are caused by the excess weight alone, and we ignore the root of the problem.

We don’t eat REAL food.

Why The Whole30

I’m doing the Whole30 because it’s all about whole, unprocessed foods that deliver the nutrients our bodies were meant to survive on. It’s closely aligned to the Paleo diet. I believe my condition is a direct result of a poor diet, and although I preach healthy lifestyle, exercise and moderation, the one area I’ve always struggled with is eating whole, natural foods. Like anyone else, it’s only half my fault. The processed foods we eat (fast food, candy, soda, etc.) are scientifically designed to make us crave more of them. They’re made with hidden sugars and chemicals we can’t even pronounce that make us addicted. Some of us become obese from overconsumption, some of us face other complications not visible on the outside, but we’re all affected.

Throughout my infertility journey I became more aware of just how many women struggle with unexplained infertility. It is astounding! I certainly can’t claim it’s all caused by what we are or aren’t eating (I’m no expert), but what if that’s the case for the majority of us? Wouldn’t you want to know?

I hope to have more children someday, and while I’ve been lucky to have IVF as an option, there’s always a part of me that wants to try the odds at getting pregnant on our own. The Whole30 could be my starting point. The springboard to resetting my relationship with food, putting me back in control of how I nourish my mind and body, and saving me from a future of unnecessary sickness and pain. I intend for my Whole30 to go beyond 30 days.

Follow Along

I realize that’s a big, lofty statement I just made. But I believe it. I didn’t come up with this overnight. It’s been years of educating myself and searching for answers. This is the one that passes all my BS meters. Because it just makes sense.

I’ll be sharing regular updates about my journey on my blog and social channels. Feel free to follow along via the hashtag #fearlesswhole30.

If you’ve tried Whole30 before, I’d love to know how it made you feel and why you tried it.

If you haven’t, join me! Listen to It Starts with Food on Audible or ask me any questions you have!

I’m excited for this challenging journey because my health is on the line, and because I want to raise Benjamin on sustainable, whole foods that will bring him a life of freedom, health and confidence, not limitations, sickness and depression.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Whole 30! I’m actually considering it – it’s one of the fad diets I’ve ever thought about doing… interested to follow along with your journey!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted June 3, 2017 | Reply
    • Thanks, Charmaine! I’m excited to share more. It really is one of the best healthy eating guides I’ve ever seen. Most fad diets are all about weight loss but Whole 30 is purely about health. Would love to have you along if you decide to try it! XO

      Posted June 4, 2017 | Reply
  2. Courtney Power says:

    My fiance and I did Whole30 for the first time a few months ago and it literally changed our entire mindset when it comes to food and what we are putting into our bodies. It’s not easy (especially the first 2 weeks) but it is absolutely worth it. We had more energy, slept a lot better every night, and saved money (bonus)! I personally didn’t lose a lot of weight (my fiance lost 10 pounds) but I lost inches off my body and finally started feeling confident again. We found that it was not just a diet but really changed our relationship with food for the better! We’re actually doing it again starting next week.
    Good luck! Here’s a really helpful timeline of what your body will go through over the 30 days…

    Posted June 5, 2017 | Reply
    • Hi Courtney! Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s so encouraging. Sometimes when I do these big things I feel like I’m the only one who’s going through them. I definitely slept better and had more energy. I didn’t fully realize it until my Whole30 ended. Do you plan to do it again? I’m sharing my final recap today and what my next steps will be. XO

      Posted July 23, 2017 | Reply
  3. Dessica L Albertson says:

    I have actually completed several rounds of Whole30. I have dealt with similar symptoms such as yours and actually didnt hardly leave my house for 2 years because I was afraid I wouldnt be near a bathroom. I was started on an IBS medication called Viberzi that changed my life but I love the Whole30 because I tend to feel bloated and sluggish constantly and the Whole30 takes those symptoms away completely. I have a Facebook page called Healthy Orange County where I post a lot of meals that are Whole30 compliant. Feel free to join us even though you dont live in Indiana. We’d love to have you!

    Posted June 6, 2017 | Reply
    • Hi Dessica! Thanks so much for sharing your story and FB page with me. I’m going to stop by today when I do my meal planning. 😉 Do you still take Viberzi? Curious if you’d be able to go off the medication at some point with a Whole30 lifestyle. I’m hoping to see more long-term relief myself but just need to keep with it a little longer. XO

      Posted July 23, 2017 | Reply
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    Posted June 9, 2017 | Reply
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    Posted June 11, 2017 | Reply
  6. Kendra says:

    My Husband and I did Whole30 for the first time about 3 1/2 years ago as part of a nutrition challenge through his Crossfit! At the time I was 9 months pregnant and had ZERO intention of doing this with him! In fact I was super annoyed that he was even doing it! However, I wound up doing it as much as I could at 9 months pregnant and even that little bit showed me so much! So we did it again the following May and it changed my life! It showed me how to eat, what yo eat and I had never felt better! Don’t get me wrong it was a hard to do but I am SO glad that we did it! We wound up eating a fundamentally Paleo diet and would do Whole30 every 6 months or so as a reboot! This past April I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease and wound up going back to Whole30 and am now doing The Autoimmune Paleo diet (think stricter Whole30) in an effort to heal my gut and hopefully reverse it! I’m on week 1 of that and it’s tough as it’s the beginning of summer (and my wedding anniversary is coming up along with a beach vacation with friends) but I NEED to do this for me! Giving up coffee has been the toughest thing for me! But I’m psyched that you are doing this it really is such a fabulous thing to do for yourself! And you will feel amazing! And thank you for documenting it, I’ve been following you on Instagram!!!!

    Posted June 20, 2017 | Reply
    • Hi Kendra! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. How is the Autoimmune Paleo going amidst your anniversary and vacay? (Happy Anniversary, btw!) I finished Whole 30 about two weeks ago and posting my final thoughts later today, along with next steps for me. It was definitely tough, but I learned so much and felt so good mentally (more than physically) on Whole 30. I’d love to keep in touch and hear how you’re doing. You’re so inspiring!

      Posted July 23, 2017 | Reply