5 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy During Winter

Every parent I know says they just “learned from experience.” Unfortunately, I’ve learned some things the hard way… like not to share my water bottle with my toddler when he has the stomach flu. Click through for more simple tips I’ve learned to keep your kids (and yourself) healthy all year, but especially during winter.

4 Best Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sales for Friend/Sister/Co-Worker Gifts

I’m big into shopping intentionally these days, which means I don’t shop every sale, but I do pay attention to the best sales during times when I’m most likely to buy. And that definitely includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are my 4 favorite sales for friend/sister/co-worker gifts, including clothing items.

My 2018 Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been living the capsule wardrobe lifestyle for a year now and my Fall Capsule Wardrobe is 100% my favorite of all the seasons. Come read my reasons why, see what themes emerged in my Fall Capsule this year, and check out my tips for how I avoid getting bored with my seasonal wardrobes.