Life Update And Why This Is The Best Summer Ever!


Life Update and Why This is the Best Summer Ever! | Little Miss Fearless

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared an official life update on my blog (have I ever?). Since we’re now halfway through 2018, I thought I’d document why I’m loving life lately and why this is the best summer ever.

Progress Not Perfection

For starters, I’ve been doing pretty well on my New Year resolutions, considering a rather drab spring (ugh, I’m just always in a slump between Mar-May).

I’ve read 4 of the 12 books I planned to read this year, I signed up for two half marathons, which resulted in two 10ks completed (but I reached my goal of getting back into running! Yay!), and I’ve spent more time catching up with close friends and family than I have in a long time.

I’ve been getting better at practicing self compassion each day and cultivating wholeheartedness by slowly letting go of the habits and beliefs that no longer serve me.

La La La Lately

I’ve been wearing Invisalign for over a year now. Did you even know I had it? I’m not sure I’ve shared. My perfectionist tendencies are highly prevalent with something like this. Hoping to be done soon, but why not just wear them til I die? ?

We’ve started our second round of IVF and because this is one I tend to hold closer to my chest, that’s all I will say about that for now. But you can read my first-ever post about our infertility struggles here.

Two weeks ago, Matt and I took our first vacation in almost 3 years (I love you, Maui!). Walking into the resort and smelling the dewy sweet air instantly brought me new life. Right then Matt turned to me and said, “It’s like we finally know what a vacation is.” And it’s so true. We were lucky to vacation regularly before becoming parents, but there’s nothing like a romantic getaway when every single day of your life wears you out. Lol.

Life Update and Why This is the Best Summer Ever! | Little Miss Fearless

Summer Bucket List

The darling Amy behind Belle Bucket reached out to me earlier this year about her bucket lists and I knew the second I saw her Instagram that this would become part of my family traditions.

We created our first Summer Bucket List and I swear it has been the best resource for keeping me on target when I can’t think of anything new to do with my family (this happens when you have time off work—more on that below).

From homemade ice cream to swimming and our first vacation since having Benji, our bucket list has helped us make so many family memories this summer, big and small.

And you guessed it, she makes seasonal bucket lists so start brainstorming all the fun things you want to do this fall!

But what makes this the best summer ever?…


I’m officially on my 5-week sabbatical from work! I can’t say enough good things about the incredible company I work for. You’ve heard me rave about my 6-month paid maternity leave, the transition back to work after becoming a mom, the infertility coverage (that we never knew we’d need, but now can’t imagine life without), and now a 6-week paid sabbatical, just for reaching my 5-year mark as an employee.

Adobe is the bomb.

And that’s barely the half of it. I also happen to love my job.

Basically, because of Adobe, I get to enjoy this summer in full-time mom mode, checking off our bucket list items and soaking in every ordinary thing that this amazing simple life has to offer.

I am so so grateful.

So that’s all for now. But tell me, should I do more life updates in the future? You know I’m an advocate for real-life content in this filter-driven world we live in.

What have you been up to lately?



  1. Amanda, it’s so nice to hear you’ve been well lately! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted July 26, 2018 | Reply
  2. Loved reading this post. I too shall be giving myself a long break, its needed.

    Posted July 26, 2018 | Reply
  3. Hanna says:

    I’d love more content like this in the future!

    Posted July 26, 2018 | Reply
  4. Kailyn says:

    I loved reading this life update! What a fun summer it’s been for your family. I absolutely love seeing the real life stuff ?

    Posted July 26, 2018 | Reply
  5. Yayyy for 2nd round of IVF! We are in our second round as well. Prayers for you guys!

    Posted August 6, 2018 | Reply