4 Capsule-Wardrobe-Approved Outfits for July 4th

July 4th is my favorite holiday of the entire year! I’ve always taken a laid-back approach to getting dressed on the 4th because we usually spend our day doing casual family stuff, which I loooove. Here are 4 (capsule wardrobe approved) inspirational looks and a few tips to help you create a patriotic outfit for the 4th using items you already own.

How to Grow Your Hair Back After Postpartum Hair Loss

Last fall I shared my struggle with postpartum hair loss on my Instastory and was overwhelmed by the number of women who responded with their own stories of postpartum hair loss. Here are the various products they each recommended for growing your hair back and the five solutions I tried. What worked best for me? Click through to find out.

A Short and Sweet Happy Father’s Day

One of my biggest fears is my ability to raise Benji to be resilient in this troubling world we live in. But having Matt by my side brings me so much peace. Here’s a short and sweet Father’s Day post on why I’m so grateful for my amazing baby daddy.

Join Me for the Clean Simple Eats Summer Challenge

Ready to feel healthier in your summer bod? The Clean Simple Eats 6-week Summer Challenge starts Monday, June 18! I love these healthy meal plans when I get bored with food, need help resetting my bad eating habits, or when I need accountability for weight loss. Come join me for the Summer challenge, a chance to win a grand prize, and get $15 off your purchase!

Jumpsuit Trend: Why You Need One and How to Wear it

Jumpsuits are everywhere this season. Have you “jumped” on board? Okay, before you gag, come see the two jumpsuits I’ve purchased, how I wear them, and some tips for buying one yourself if you haven’t already. The key is making your jumpsuit versatile and wearable, so you never get bored of it. Read more in my post and come share your opinion on this hot trend.

How to Find the Best Fashion Deals on eBay

I have been shopping eBay Fashion for years–all of my first designer items were purchased on eBay–and I’ve always been able to find EXACTLY what I’m looking for at a fraction of the cost just by following 4 simple tips.