That Post I Was Going to Publish a Week Ago…










coat: jcrew | top: sugar love boutique c/o {last seen here} | leggings: jcrew maternity | boots: hunter | bag: tory burch | glasses: prada | necklaces: gorjana, jilly bean jewelry c/o | lips: ‘saint germain’ by mac

I didn’t plan a Valentine’s Day post this year (flashback to these fun themed posts last year: 12, 3) so I was going to share this look last week just because of the pink Hunters (a big deal since I haven’t been wearing much color lately). But then things were crahaaaazy at work trying to wrap up projects before maternity leave, which officially started this week. I have always had a day job in all the years I’ve been doing my blog, so the balancing act is nothing new to me, but when work gets busy (like 12-hour days kind of busy), it is sometimes impossible to keep a blogging schedule. It usually comes down to one thing: do I want an extra hour or two of sleep, or do I want to spend that time working on a blog post? Add pregnancy to the mix and I’m going to choose sleep 100 percent of the time.

Sometimes I miss the determination I had in the early days when my blog was brand new. I’d stay up as late as I had to for the sake of keeping a consistent blogging schedule. I’m sure I’ll find that drive again, but for now I have to be patient with myself and this new stage of life I’m in.

Mostly, I want to say thank you to those of you who have stuck it out with me. Thanks for keeping me in the back of your mind (and perhaps on your blogroll or bookmarks bar). I’m excited about the new things to come in these next few months ahead and can’t wait to share my experiences with you, and learn more about you as I go.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. 🙂



  1. Natali says:

    Super cute outfit! I love your pink rain boots, they totally make this whole combo stand out. 🙂

    Posted February 19, 2016 | Reply
  2. hello you beauty! i am so happy to be following your blog again. i am in love with your hair by the way. and this outfit. so happy you are pregnant!

    Posted February 19, 2016 | Reply
  3. Hannah says:

    Good for you for working full time and blogging! Keep it up! Love the hot pink boots. And that sweater pairs so nicely with them!

    Glam Life Living

    Posted February 19, 2016 | Reply
  4. Minau says:

    Great coat!

    Posted February 21, 2016 | Reply