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Linguine Bra (non-nursing bra): Le Mystere c/o | Sexy Mama Nursing Bra: Le Mystere c/o

I have a more in-depth post coming where I’ll share my overall experience with nursing, but I wanted to separately share my experience with nursing bras because it’s one area I didn’t think much about until right before Benjamin was born.

The week before my due date I was getting my hospital bag ready and I frantically started shopping online for nursing bras. I felt a little helpless—I didn’t have any direction and was surprised to find several retailers were out of stock in the bras that were rated highly by reviewers (how else would I know what styles to try?!).

Luckily, Le Mystere reached out about their nursing bras (and non-nursing bras) so I already had one ready to go—the Sexy Mama Nursing Bra. And with #MothersMonth right around the corner, I’m excited to offer you the chance to win one of your own!

When I started nursing at the hospital, it was easy because I was still in my hospital gown getting lots of skin time with Benj. It wasn’t until the night of our second day there that I decided to try a nursing tank to help me feel a little less naked in the hospital gown. Once I got home, I switched to this nursing tank that I purchased back in December. And by the end of the first week, I was using a nursing bra. I stuck with the seamless options at first because the thought of an underwire just didn’t sound comfortable. The main thing I grew to love was nursing bras/tanks that don’t have too much material crowding the nipple/areola.

I finally turned the corner with my nursing woes around week four. It was sooner than I expected, but couldn’t have come soon enough. It was then that I finally decided to put on an underwire bra again, and I couldn’t be happier with the Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra. The lace is beautiful and is attached to the padding (both of which unclip from the strap so there’s very little fabric near the nipple/areola—just what I wanted!). I realized the underwire is not that big of deal, either. It’s actually really comfortable and provides a lot of support for my now-larger cup size. I mostly love that the style is feminine and delicate, which makes me feel less like a milk machine and more like a woman.

I was also lucky enough to try the Linguine Bra (a non-nursing style that’s a favorite of Ellen Degeneres’). I don’t wear it much yet, but I did try it on under a few of my new shirts that I can’t wait to wear and it looks really flattering. Whether you’re in the market for a regular bra or a nursing bra, Le Mystere is definitely worth a try. Their nursing selection isn’t huge, but their styles are modern and beautiful!

Now for the really fun part…

Le Mystere is giving one lucky LMF reader the chance to win a nursing bra (up to $70 value!). Just follow the steps in the Rafflecopter below and be sure to tell the nursing mothers in your life so they have a chance to win as well. The giveaway will close at 5pm MT on Thursday, May 5. One winner will be announced and contacted via email.

Good luck and Happy (early) Mother’s Month!

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Special thanks to Le Mystere for sponsoring this post.



  1. Jessica T. says:

    I seriously love these bras! A nursing bra from Le Mystere would be a dream. Nursing bras are usually such a struggle.

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  2. Georgia G says:

    This is so helpful!! I’ve been starting my search for nursing bras (30 weeks pregnant today!) and it can be so overwhelming. I really appreciate your honesty and suggestions. Le Mystere was my go-to for new lingerie prior to my wedding, and it looks like I’ll be going back to them post-baby!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  3. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win one of these nursing bras! I am due in August with my 1st, and I have no idea what nursing bras are good!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  4. Emily Shock says:

    I would love to win!! I need a good nursing bra cause all of mine are uncomfortable and old.

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  5. Gretchen says:

    Good nursing my bras are VERY hard to find! I’d love to win this giveaway! If not, I will still have to try this brand I guess. Great excuse to go shopping! ?

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  6. Lauren says:

    Those bras are so pretty!! I’m due with my second baby in July and could definitely use a new pretty nursing bra! Great giveaway! Thank you!!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  7. Kailyn Strametz says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with a newborn and nursing, etc. I just had my baby girl soon after you (March 30), and it is encouraging to see others going through the same stages as me. I have one nursing bra from Cake, but I can definitely use another one! 😉 Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  8. Judy Exham says:

    These bras a so beautiful!! Much better than your “typical” nursing bra!!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  9. I am totally lost with maternity bras! I bought some before my baby came but soon realized they were too small! ? These bras are pretty!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  10. Amanda says:

    I would gift this to my friend who is expecting in September! Thanks for the chance!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  11. Meckenna Bybee says:

    I am due with my baby boy (first baby) in 7 weeks! One of my biggest fears in breastfeeding as you’ve mentioned. A nice nursing bra would definitely help with my anxieties!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  12. Gabrielle says:

    They look gorgeous!

    Posted April 29, 2016 | Reply
  13. Erika says:

    Really want to try the nursing bra! So pretty

    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  14. I want to win *so* bad! I’m nursing my second now, and I’ve yet to find a great bra for my size.


    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  15. Rachel says:

    I’m two weeks from my due date with my second little boy and could really use a new nursing bra! I loved nursing and would love it even more with a pretty bra like this!

    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  16. Ashley Perez says:

    I would love to win. This looks like a great quality bra!

    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  17. Callie says:

    Amanda! Your baby boy is absolutely precious! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience with nursing. It is so essential to have a good bra! I think that is one of the reasons it was so tricky for me and made me never want to leave the house with my first! I hoping with the next it will be much smoother! The Le Mystere bras look like a dream especially the Linguine! Crossing my fingers!

    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  18. Shannon Weel says:

    I would love to win! Le Mystere makes the best bras!

    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  19. Erin J. says:

    I need these…so gorgeous!!

    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  20. Josephine says:

    I would love to win this nursing bra! I am currently nursing my 18 month old and also 16 weeks pregnant with baby number three that I plan to nurse as well so a nursing bra would def be helpful! 🙂

    Posted April 30, 2016 | Reply
  21. Laura says:

    This is so helpful!! I’m due in a month with my second and knowing I’ll need to find a good bra when I head back to work always felt daunting.

    Posted May 1, 2016 | Reply
  22. mita says:

    I would like,need a good nursing bra

    Posted May 1, 2016 | Reply
  23. Emma Sears says:

    I want to win! Nursing takes a lot of work; but having a good bra makes it easier.

    Posted May 1, 2016 | Reply
  24. McKenzie B. says:

    I would love this!!! I have not really been loving my nursing bras at all and would LOVE to try this one. And it looks so feminine too. Love that! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and info about your experience with the brand!

    Posted May 2, 2016 | Reply
  25. pauline says:

    I’d love to win! I think having a great nursing bra is half the battle with BF. I get so sick of wearing nursing bras with no support, it’s like wearing a sub par sports bra on a daily basis. No good.

    Posted May 2, 2016 | Reply
  26. Melissa says:

    I’d love to win this beautiful bra 🙂

    Posted May 2, 2016 | Reply
  27. Kandice says:

    These are beautiful!

    Posted May 2, 2016 | Reply
  28. Lorelei says:

    These are lovely, thanks for the chance!

    Posted May 2, 2016 | Reply
  29. Heather S says:

    I would la la LOVE to win!

    Posted May 2, 2016 | Reply
  30. Em Mahr says:

    I would love to win! I desperately need new bras, my bra size has changed so much since becoming pregnant.

    Posted May 4, 2016 | Reply
  31. Heather Krall says:

    I have been looking for an attractive nursing blog. I can’t wait to look at the cute and comfortable bras.

    Posted May 4, 2016 | Reply
  32. Teresa says:

    My little is seven weeks and I have two nursing bras that are “less than feminine”. These are beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win and for sharing. 🙂

    Posted May 5, 2016 | Reply
  33. Rachel says:

    Great post! beautiful giveaway!

    Posted May 6, 2016 | Reply