Fearless Fitness Inspiration: Meet Trish Allen

Photos c/o Trish Allen | Photo Credit (1): L1quid Studios, (2): Becky Kimball Photography
Hi, I’m Trish! I am the owner of Lyceum Training Center, a fitness and wellness studio that brings together fitness
training, nutritional counseling, and wellness education. I am
also a wife, mom, holistic health coach, nutritionist, lecturer,
and an NPC and NGA Bikini Competitor. I love to spend time
with my family, talk with friends, sit by the fire, drink hot
cocoa, read a good book, and play in the kitchen with new
How would you describe your personal style?
Casual, Simple, and Classy – let’s be honest…I live in workout clothes! But when I do actually shower and get
dressed, I like to keep it simple, yet classy, and then be able
to dress it up or down with accessories.
How do you balance working out, eating right (especially when
convenience is a necessity), family time and other commitments?
Reality is, I try NOT to balance everything going on in my life.
If all aspects of my life were balanced (equal), I’d be perfect,
which I am NOT! I place priorities on what’s important to me
as a wife, mother and a business owner. I put my focus and
energy into what I can excel in and what truly is highest on
my priority list.

Why do you choose to exercise and eat healthy? Do you ever have
days where you ‘just don’t feel like it’?

Most people see exercising and eating healthy as deprivation.
Reality is, the satisfaction you get from eating healthy and being active far outweighs the temporary satisfaction of not
taking stewardship and responsibility for taking care of your
body. Eating healthy and being active does not have to be a
chore or seem depriving. It can be fun and delicious!

Do I have days when I just “don’t feel like it”? Absolutely!
Those are usually the days my body is telling me it is time to
take a break! Listen to your body!

Have you ever struggled with a negative body image? How did you
overcome it?

Yes, I think I am safe to say that all of us as women struggle
with some type of negative body image. Unfortunately, there
is a false expectation portrayed by the media that gives us a
flawed understanding of who we are and what we have to live
up to. Negative body image is based on what others say/
think. Who cares what others/the media says? I have come to
recognize that I was created by a higher being…and so were
you. You are unique and beautiful. Own it.

How do you maintain a positive outlook when faced with a

We are all faced with challenges in this life, but it is our
choice how we deal with those challenges. This is how I
see it: I can either be positive or negative. My choice. The
end. I can either DO something about it, or a can sit and
worry or stew about it. Why waste my energy with worrying?
Life can be hard, but I’d rather have a positive outlook, use
my energy to be proactive, and just get it done!

Where does your confidence come from?
I believe that a large part of confidence comes from understanding who you are. Understanding that you were created by a higher being and have a purpose in life. You are
here for a reason! I also believe confidence comes from
setting short term goals and reaching them. Small
achievements (like reaching short term goals) give us
confidence that we can do something bigger. This success
breeds confidence, no matter how small.

What is your favorite healthy meal? Favorite splurge?
Oh this is hard! I have a lot of favorite healthy meals. I love, love, love anything made with peanut butter and almond
butter (yes, those are healthy!). I also love oats. And
pumpkin. Favorite splurge? My own homemade chocolate
chip cookies! There is not one healthy thing about them, and
I enjoy every single bite!

What is your biggest fear?
My biggest concern in life is the safety and well being of my children. I want them to be happy and grow up to be responsible and happy adults. My fear is that I will fail at this.

With all that you’ve experienced and accomplished in life, what brings you the most happiness?
My family. Without question my kids and my husband bring me the most happiness. I love the roles I play as a coach and
business owner, but at the end of the day, my family is what
matters most.

What advice would you give to readers who are struggling to
believe in themselves?

My advice would be to just take that first step. It is a step
into the darkness – the unknown – and takes courage, but
you can do it! Failure is inevitable. You’ll fall. It will hurt. You’ll get back up. But you’ve tried! You’re ahead. Now do it



  1. Amazing interview! What an inspiration she is. I love her answer about balance and not being perfect and prioritizing! Great advice!!!! Thank you for this ;]

    XO Barbie
    The Parlor Girl

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