Free Download: Discover Your Core Values and Love Your Authentic Life

When I started opening up about my struggles with perfectionism, that I’m seeing a therapist, and how passionate I am about Brené Brown’s work, several people requested to know more about the values exercise I did that sparked all this change. Click through to read the story of when I first discovered my values and download my FREE values clarification exercise!

8 Things We All Hate About Fitness

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like everywhere you turn, people are sharing what they love about their fitness routine? It’s like everyone — everyone but you — has it all figured out? To uncover what’s really going on here, I polled several friends and family members (of all fitness levels) for their answers to one simple question: What do you HATE about fitness? You’re gonna love their responses…

My Half Marathon Training Plan

I finally committed to my first half marathon in 7 years this May! But then I went crazy and signed up for a second half in June (maybe the closest I’ll get to a full marathon in this lifetime). Click through to see my 18-week training plan and read some advice I received from a legendary runner in my life.

Cultivating Authenticity: What Does it Mean to be Authentic?

We all know an authentic person when we see one. According to Brené Brown, in order to cultivate authenticity in our lives, we have to let go of what people think. But what does authenticity even mean? Click through for some definitions, thoughts and answers.