25 Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) About Capsule Wardrobes

Since starting my capsule wardrobe last fall, I’ve received a ton of questions about what a capsule wardrobe is, how I created a process for narrowing down my closet, how long it takes, etc. Here are answers to 25 of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received about starting a capsule wardrobe…

Find Your WHY and You’ll Find Your WAY

A year ago I was on a quest to find my purpose. I tried different formulas, personality tests and quizzes, and read tons of audio books. But this one thing, above all others, helped me find my purpose AND my most authentic self.

My 2018 Mantra + Top 10 Resolutions

My mantra and resolutions this year are very different from previous years. Here’s what I learned from my “failures” in 2017 and my top 10 goals I’m focusing on in 2018.