What Happened When I Took a Week Off From Blogging


LittleMissFearless_jcrew navy floral scarf + striped orange espadrilles 1

LittleMissFearless_jcrew navy floral scarf + striped orange espadrilles 7

LittleMissFearless_jcrew navy floral scarf + striped orange espadrilles 4

LittleMissFearless_jcrew navy floral scarf + striped orange espadrilles 2

LittleMissFearless_jcrew navy floral scarf + striped orange espadrilles 6

LittleMissFearless_jcrew navy floral scarf + striped orange espadrilles 5


tee: jcrew {craving this similar sweater} | scarf: jcrew factory {recent; neeed this style!} | jeans: zara {similar here} | shoes: dolce vita via nordstrom rack {similar style} | crossbody worn as clutch: gigi new york c/o {similar here} | sunnies: karen walker | watch: michael kors | bracelets: jcrew, stella&dot, madewell | lips: ‘st germain’ by mac


Whenever I go MIA on my blog for more than a few days, I feel this need to explain myself (whether you care to know or not) and tell you what I’ve been up to. This time around, I’m kind of at a loss for words. I’m hesitant to be too open and looking for your support at the same time. Until I feel ready to share more, please just know that your comments mean the world to me. And if you’re more of a passerby kind of reader, that means a lot, too. So much of what keeps me going in the blog land is thinking of fun ideas or inspirations to share with you. So thank you for existing and giving me something to think about other than myself. ;)


Last week my husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and spent a few days ‘away’ for the weekend. Every day last week I intended to get a blog post up and I just wasn’t feeling it. I have plenty of outfits and ideas to share, but I haven’t felt inspired to share them. I’ve felt the opposite–afraid and disinterested. My routines and plans have been a little off and even though I didn’t really intend to, taking a few days off helped me figure some things out.


So while I wasn’t working on blog posts last week, I was doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about what really matters in life, what makes people truly happy. Wondering why some things, that we can’t control, can cause so much heartache. And that’s when (with the help of my so very patient and loving husband and some unexpected inspiration that finally did come over the weekend) I remembered why I have to learn to control my thoughts, because that’s the biggest influencer in determining how happy I am and will ever be. Here are some inklings I jotted down for myself that might be helpful for any of you who have been feeling the same way lately…

  • Decide who you want to be for the rest of your life. You have to know that person inside and out in order to know if you’re becoming more like them. This can’t be a second-rate version of someone else. Take all the influences and pressures of the world away and visualize who the best YOU is. Then go be that.
  • Quit defining your life based on how it compares to what other people’s lives look like. The age old saying, “life isn’t fair” doesn’t mean that some people think it’s fair and others don’t. We all. have. crap. Some worse than others for sure–there are some very lucky people in the world–but no one is immune. It’s part of life.
  • Spend more time improving your character than you do improving your appearance.
  • I feel good about myself when I exercise, but especially running. I’m going to do more of that.
  • I feel good about myself when I spend more time thinking about others and less time worrying about myself. I want to do more of that.
  • I feel better when things are clean and organized (from my inbox to my bedroom). Why do I not do more of this?
  • I feel happy when I believe I can be the kind of person who doesn’t take life or herself too seriously, but still feels deep compassion for others. When I feel heartache, I feel it intensely. Learning to accept those feelings and knowing when to move on is something I want to master. I want my love for life to shine brighter than my gloomy days. And above it all, I want to let my imperfect self finally be good enough.

Controlling our thoughts is one of the hardest things we will do in life. It’s like being told the only way to get the best body you can possibly have is to eat right and exercise. We’ve all heard that before, but it’s so easy to believe there is a shortcut and there just isn’t. And that internal struggle is a tough one. But I know the sooner I decide to accept that, the sooner I’ll be on my way to building better habits and thought patterns that bring lasting happiness and stronger self-acceptance. When we are free of ourselves we can do and be so much more for other people. And that’s what I want my life to be about.

Have you had any eye-opening experiences lately? What do you want your life to be about?

Photos by AshleeBrooke.

P.S. – Working on fixing the comment field. Apologies for the inconvenience. I want to hear from you!

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Fit Friday: More Great Styles From Zella at Nordstrom


LittleMissFearless_Zella Activewear Nordstrom 8

LittleMissFearless_Zella Activewear Nordstrom 12

LittleMissFearless_Zella Activewear Nordstrom 11

LittleMissFearless_Zella Activewear Nordstrom 13

LittleMissFearless_Zella Activewear Nordstrom 1

LittleMissFearless_Zella Activewear Nordstrom 4

LittleMissFearless_Zella Activewear Nordstrom 7


tank: Zella via Nordstrom | leggings: Zella via Nordstrom | bra: lululemon {love this similar style} | shoes: nike {similar here} | fitbit

I have a confession I’ve been avoiding for a few weeks. I’ve had to take some time off from my #BBG fitness routine lately (for personal reasons) and it’s always a little intimidating getting back into it. I tend to either feel a little self conscious at the gym because I think I should be in better shape or I’m worried I won’t have the energy to make it home if I go outside for a run. The latter fear has never actually come true, but it certainly sounds realistic when I’m looking for an excuse.

One thing that always gets me motived to start moving again (and I know I’m not the first to say this) is new workout clothes. Obviously, we shouldn’t rely entirely on new clothes every time we need a push to get active or we’d run out of money and still not have the body of our dreams. But whether your fitness goals are related to weight loss, you’re trying to improve your overall strength or you’re training for a race, the comfort and style of your clothing can often have an impact on how you feel. For example, if I’m feeling a little flabby (which I have been lately), I’m less likely to wear my running shorts to the gym because I want something that gives me more coverage and makes me feel comfortable so I’m not thinking about what I look like the whole time and can focus on pushing myself hard during my workout.

This running outfit from Zella at Nordstrom (similar to my last Fit Friday outfit) is one that I feel comfortable and confident in. Zella is definitely a brand to watch. I have not been disappointed with the quality or fit of their clothes and I keep checking back for more colors and patterns in their tanks and leggings. I’m a little picky when it comes to choosing patterned running crops because I swear the wrong print can instantly add ten pounds and thats the last thing I need on my mind when trying to stay motivated. If you like working out in leggings too, I totally recommend trying a pair. You won’t be disappointed with this pair or the style I wore in last week’s post (which I am also wearing right now as I type this). ;)

Have a great weekend! Let’s all make a goal to stay positive and keep moving forward with our fitness goals. #wecandoit

Special thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

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Fit Friday: Zella Activewear from Nordstrom


LittleMissFearless_Nordstrom Zella Activewear 6

LittleMissFearless_Nordstrom Zella Activewear 11

LittleMissFearless_Nordstrom Zella Activewear 17

LittleMissFearless_Nordstrom Zella Activewear 9

LittleMissFearless_Nordstrom Zella Activewear 1

LittleMissFearless_Nordstrom Zella Activewear 7

LittleMissFearless_Nordstrom Zella Activewear 10

top: Zella via Nordstrom | bottoms: Zella via Nordstrom | shoes: Nike | sunnies: Ray-Ban | Fitbit

I have fallen completely in love with the activewear brand Zella at Nordstrom. These ‘Live In – Streamline’ capris are so soft and have the perfect amount of stretch for running, yoga, or whatever your fitness routine calls for. I typically work out in tank tops and rarely wear tees, but I picked out this ‘Studio’ tee because I liked the loose fit and the optional side tie for a tighter fit at the waist if needed. I’m tempted to get it in every color because I can see myself wearing this over my tanks when running errands in my workout clothes before/after the gym. With the warmer months ahead, it’s nice to have some light layering options that keep me feeling fashionable before, during and after my workout.

Don’t be surprised to catch me in new Zella pieces on Instagram as I get back into my workout plan. These styles are definitely the type to keep me motivated and excited about getting fit and looking good doing it. I am already craving these capris and this top for my next purchase.

Special thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

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